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Rental and depot – leave unnecessary luggage at home

Do you like to use the most up-to-date equipment, and to head to the piste with skis which are perfectly sanded every single day? Then make your way to our rental department. We have the latest ski and snowboard products from the leading manufacturers for you to rent and try out. Our trained staff takes care of your skis or snowboard equipment and perform daily maintenance to ensure you don’t have any nasty surprises on the piste.

Of course, you can also save your energy by placing your ski equipment with us in the ski depot rather than carrying gear around unnecessarily.

If you choose to rent and save time in the shop, you can also reserve everything you need online.

The benefits of renting:

  • The shop is located right opposite the Silvretta cableway (no need to carry your kit around)
  • Try out the very latest products
  • No annual service costs
  • Use perfectly sanded skis every day
  • Free replacement with another product
  • No need to bring unnecessary luggage with you from home
  • Sticks always included
  • Ski for 7 days, pay for only 6
  • Try-and-buy service

Rental prices

Day(s) in Euros
Winter 2019/20Category½123456/7each
extra day
Skis + poles or Snowboard + bindings
Teens under 15Silver11,-16,-29,-40,-51,-60,-65,-5,-
Children under 10Silver7,-9,-16,-22,-27,-31,-34,-3,-
Touring ski 24,-36,-67,-96,-121,-144,-161,-12,-
Skis + boots + poles or Snowboard + bindings + boots
Teens under 15Silver17,-23,-43,-60,-75,-87,-95,-8,-
Children under 10Silver11,-13,-22,-30,-38,-44,-48,-4,-
Touring set 37,-52,-96,-136,-168,-198,-221,-20,-
Ski-boots or snowboard-boots
Teens under 158,-11,-18,-24,-30,-34,-37,-3,-
Children under 105,-8,-10,-14,-16,-18,-20,-2,-
All age groups7,-13,-20,-26,-32,-37,-42,-5,-
All age groups11,-16,-30,-42,-52,-61,-68,-7,-
Cross-country ski race package
All age groups14,-22,-44,-62,-78,-90,-100,-9,-
Day(s) in Euros
Winter 2019/20½123
Skis + poles or Snowboard + bindings
Adults Platinum26,-40,-79,-116,-
Adults Gold24,-36,-67,-96,-
Adults Silver20,-28,-55,-79,-
Teens under 15 Silver11,-16,-29,-40,-
Children under 10 Silver7,-9,-16,-22,-
Touring ski24,-36,-67,-96,-
Skis + boots + poles or Snowboard + bindings + boots
Adults Platinum38,-56,-106,-156,-
Adults Gold37,-52,-96,-136,-
Adults Silver32,-46,-85,-119,-
Teens under 15 Silver17,-23,-43,-60,-
Children under 10 Silver11,-13,-22,-30,-
Touring set37,-52,-96,-136,-
Ski-boots or snowboard-boots
Teens under 158,-11,-18,-24,-
Children under 105,-8,-10,-14,-
All age groups7,-13,-20,-26,-
All age groups11,-16,-30,-42,-
Cross-country ski race package
All age groups14,-22,-44,-62,-
Day(s) in Euros
Winter 2019/20456/7each
extra day
Skis + poles or Snowboard + bindings
Adults Platinum148,-169,-189,-15,-
Adults Gold121,-144,-161,-14,-
Adults Silver99,-118,-128,-10,-
Teens under 15 Silver51,-60,-65,-5,-
Children under 10 Silver27,-31,-34,-3,-
Touring ski121,-144,-161,-12,-
Skis + boots + poles or Snowboard + bindings + boots
Adults Platinum195,-219,-249,-24,-
Adults Gold168,-198,-221,-20,-
Adults Silver147,-172,-188,-16,-
Teens under 15 Silver75,-87,-95,-8,-
Children under 10 Silver38,-44,-48,-4,-
Touring set168,-198,-221,-20,-
Ski-boots or snowboard-boots
Teens under 1530,-34,-37,-3,-
Children under 1016,-18,-20,-2,-
All age groups32,-37,-42,-5,-
All age groups52,-61,-68,-7,-
Cross-country ski race package
All age groups78,-90,-100,-9,-

Children - D.O.B. after 31 December, 2009
Teens - D.O.B. after 31 December, 2005

Special Family Offer

If at least one parent hires equipment, children born after 31 December, 2009 get the same gear in their size free of charge.

online ski rental

The online ski rental service will be available to you again from Winter 2020/21.
If you do have a promotional Code please enter here.Promotion Code

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 08.30 - 19.00
Saturday: 08.00 - 19.00
Sunday: 08.30 - 19.00


Phone: +43 (0) 5444 5862
E-Mail: info@sport-adler.com

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