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Service for discerning customers

You’ll find the world’s biggest service centre in Ischgl. Every year, up to 50,000 skis are waxed, sanded and polished. So you can be sure that you’re placing your equipment in safe hands!

After a service with the MONTANA-Crystal Glide Finish, skiing and snowboarding are simply more fun!

  • Better turns
  • Much less effort required
  • Optimal edge grip, meaning great control over your skis or board
  • Improved gliding properties for all snow conditions
  • More safety and grip on ice

The result: Tuning + safety = MORE winter sports enjoyment

State-of-the-art sanding robots return your equipment to top form.

Diamond sanding, edge tuning, top finish, etc.: All processed to the millimetre to ensure your skis or snowboard perform just as they did on the day you bought them.

Service prices

Prices in EurosSkiSnowboard
Paraffin waxing 10,-14,-
Express service29,-35,-
Full service
  • Restoration and repair of ski glide surfaces
  • Surface sharpening
  • Diamond stone sharpening
  • Edge tuning
  • Paraffin waxing
  • Brushing

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Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 08.30 - 19.00
Saturday: 08.00 - 19.00
Sunday: 08.30 - 19.00


Phone: +43 (0) 5444 5862
E-Mail: info@sport-adler.com

Sport Adler
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