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Perfectly equipped with top brands at Sport Adler in Ischgl!

Every year, we showcase the latest models from leading manufacturers at unbeatable prices. Given the rapid evolution in skiing, expert advice is essential. Our staff is here with expertise to help you find the perfect ski for your individual style and skill level.

Discover in the store, experience on the slopes!

Our range includes not only proven models but also the latest innovations in freeride, touring, and piste skiing. We invite you to discover this high-tech equipment in our store and experience it on the slopes of Ischgl!

Sport Adler Snowboard Store

For passionate snowboarders, our Snowboard Store, located right next to the main shop, is the perfect destination. Here, you not only receive personalized advice but also have access to the latest snowboard models and top-notch equipment that sets the standard in the snowboarding scene. Immerse yourself in the world of winter sports with Sport Adler!

Our TOP Brands